Monday, April 16, 2007


On the evening of November 15th I went into into labor for the third time. Less than a week before I had gone into labor and they were able to stop it with a large dose of Procardia and then Indocin. Since I had been given Indocin they wouldn't give it to me again because it could have affected the babies hearts. I had been on Procardia for about a month already. They gave me the large doses of Procardia again but it didn't do anything to my labor this time around. I called Steve and made him leave work to come and be with me. He got to the hospital around midnight. Sometime after 3am they decided that my labor wasn't going to stop and decided to do a c-section. My labor, although not progressing much, was longer than I ever experienced with either of my older two.
At 541am Lucille Rose entered the world and had a very tiny cry that sounded like a small kitten to me. She weighed 4lbs 3oz and was 17.73inches long. They had a difficult time grabbing a hold of the boys. Joshua Gene entered the world at 0543am. He weighed 4lbs 8oz and was 17.75inches long. Markas John was shortly behind him at 0544am. He weighed 4lbs.4oz and was 18.32inches long.
They were all doing fairly well for being 2 months early. Joshua and Lucy had to be placed on ventilators but were off of them in about 12 hours. They were then placed on high flow nasal cannulas. Markas was on high flow nasal cannula from birth.
They told Steve after they had sewed me up that they couldn't find one of the clamps. They were pretty sure that it got mixed up with one of the babies but they couldn't account for it. They did an xray after I got to the recovery room. All was well. After everyone left and it was just me and one nurse in the recovery room, I started feeling kind of bad. I then heard the nurse on the phone telling someone that they needed to get a hold of my doctor ASAP because she had never seen anyone bleed as much as I was after delivery. It wasn't long and I was surrounded by nurses and doctors. The called the blood bank to get 4 units of blood and found out that the blood bank had lost my stuff before the surgery so they never did a type and cross. That meant there was no blood for me. Since I was laying flat I could see the monitor that I was hooked up too and my blood pressure had dropped to 78/36 and my heart rate was in the 160's. Being a paramedic I knew that meant I was in shock and if I had a patient with vital signs like that I would have been worried and moving very quickly because we call that "circling the drain" and fast. After about an hour they were able to stop the bleeding(we were on our way back to the OR) and things started getting better for me. It was at that point that I found out that the babies were being transferred to another hospital becuase the NICU was full because they were delivering a second set of triplets that were only 25 weeks. I got to see Steve, who didn't know I was "circling the drain" and the babies for about 5 minutes before they were taken away in their isolettes with the transport nurses. The only thing that made that easier for me was I knew the nurses and the hospital very well and the paramedics that did the transports. I work for the same company that did the transport and had worked with the nurses multiple times transporting other sick babies from hospitals all over south Texas. I really was out of it so it really didn't hit me until Friday night that I hadn't really seen my babies and wouldn't until I got out of the hospital. It got me motivated to walk and do whatever I could for myself despite the pain. I think my pain was increased because of everything they had to do to try to control the bleeding. I forgot to mention that I lost 3 liters of blood after the delivery. Ok, so enough of all that drama. Here are the pictures that daddy took shortly after their birth.

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These are the pictures that daddy took as they were getting ready to move them to Santa Rosa Childrens.

Lucy and Markas were moved together since Markas was doing so well.
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Joshua had to go by himself.
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