Friday, April 27, 2007

Joshua's turn

Ok, so it is Joshua's turn to be toooooo cute. Well, they all are every single day but he did something really funny today. I sat him in my chair and I fixed him a bottle. I had to go to the bathroom so I set the bottle between his legs and went to the bathroom. Steve was feeding Markas and he yelled at me to come see what Joshua was doing. I came out of the bathroom and Joshua had bent over and was sucking on the nipple. Of course he didn't get anything because the bottle was still between his legs. It was too funny but of course I didn't get a picture.

I put Lucy down on the floor gym today and I was certain that she was going to roll over. The kicker is, she was on her back and not her tummy. She kept rolling on her side and almost made it all the way over a couple of times. She has gotten very good at turning her self around. She turned herself around today twice, completely. As soon as I have a chance to download the pictures I took you can see how she turned. I will post them all and they were taken one after another pretty quickly.

Markas doesn't do a whole lot right now. He is starting to reach for Winnie the Pooh when he is in the Pooh bouncer. He even grabbed a hold of Pooh and wouldn't let go when Steve tried to pick him up. He even managed to pull Pooh off yesterday when he did it. He also likes to put his feet in the air and blow raspberries every chance he gets.

There will be more pictures as soon as I download them.