Friday, May 4, 2007

6 month check up

We had our 6 month check up today. It is 12 days early because our pedi is going to be TDY for the next couple of weeks.
First we will start with the stats.

Lucy- weight- 15lbs 14oz- 35th percentile
height- 26in- 55th percentile

Joshua- weight- 15lbs 2oz- 20th percentile
height- 25in- 12th percentile

Markas- weight- 15lbs even- 17th percentile
height- 25 3/4in- 38th percentile

Lucy decided she really needed to show of for the doctor. Just as the doctor walked through the door little miss Lucy rolled from her back to her tummy. She has never rolled over before, ever. She has never even attempted to roll from her tummy to her back and they are supposed to do that first. The doctor said she is meeting most of the 4 month milestones and even some of the 6 month milestones so she is doing awesome. The doctor also said she didn't think she heard her murmur either so maybe the holes she had in her heart have closed.
Joshua is doing awesome as well. His hernia is almost completely gone. He is also meeting most of the 4 month milestones and some of the 6 month milestones.
Markas is meeting some of the 4 month milestones. She said his muscle tone is definetly not what Joshua's and Lucy's is but at this point she isn't too concerned. He has been really fussy this last week and I have had a hard time getting him to sleep. We now know that is because he has an ear infection. We have decided that from now on when one of these babies gets fussy for more than a couple of days that we need to see the doctor. Both Joshua and Markas have now had ear infections with no other symptom other than being fussy.
The doctor said that when we go back next month for his ear check that if he hasn't made any progress then she will send him for a head CT, MRI, ect. If he has made some progress then we will just revisit the issue at their 9 month check up. She said she doesn't want to call him delayed just yet because they were preemies and when you adjust for the 2 months he is doing ok. So, hopefully, he will just take off here soon and catch up to the other two.

More pictures coming soon.