Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Great day and so far night

Today was a good day. Everyone woke up in a good mood and it lasted pretty much all day. Markas was the only one that got a little fussy at nap time. After I put his numbing drops in his ears and rocked him he went to sleep. Tonight everyone had eaten, was bathed and in bed by 630pm. So far, as of 10pm they are all still asleep. I am sure that at the very least Joshua will be awake soon but hopefully I will be able to get him back down with no problem.

Joshua tried to rollover today but he couldn't figure out what to do with his arm. He was getting so mad. I tried to help him but it didn't work so we will try again tomorrow. I am sure that he will be rolling over in a day or two.

Hopefully I will have some new pictures in a day or two. I haven't taken any in a couple of days so what can I say. Maybe there will be some video to add soon as well. Hopefully I can figure that out.