Monday, May 7, 2007

On the move!!

Well, I come home today from running errands and Steve was taking care of some laundry. Markas was on the floor on the floor gym. I picked him up and went to let Steve know that I was home. Steve told me that he had put Markas down on his tummy hoping he would go to sleep. I told him he wasn't on his tummy when I picked him up. We put him back on his tummy and sure enough he rolled over. I got him and Lucy both rolling over on video. If I can find the time I will download the video onto the computer and see if I can figure out how to put it on here. They are too cute. I think Joshua will be rolling over soon too. Hopefully I will be able to get him on video as well. I think I am in trouble soon. They are all going to be all over the place real soon.


Les Jacobs said...

Publish your video on YouTube and link to it from your blog. That's the easiest way to put videos on your site.