Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Well, in January it had been a year since we started our journey to become parents again. All of the tests that I went through and all of the very intrusive ultrasounds culminated in three precious lives. On the 19th of April 2006 was my egg retrieval and the fertilization of the only 4 eggs I had. 3 days later they were transferred. On the 3rd of May was the day we found out I was pregnant via a home pregnancy test. I just couldn't wait another 2 days for the blood test. I didn't know if it would work and I didn't tell Steve that I was doing it. After I took the test and it came back positive I came downstairs and handed it to Steve. It was too funny, he looked at it, looked at me and asked me, "What is this?" I was crying to hard to really be able to tell him, it was at that point that he realized what it was. This is where our roller coaster of a year began. I was so blessed with a fairly uneventful pregnancy. We had our problems at 10 weeks when I woke up bleeding and passed a sac. We thought for sure we were losing the whole pregnancy. I don't remember ever being that scared. Placed on modified bedrest and then I couldn't eat anything. Poor Caitlin, at the ripe old age of 14, she was taking care of mom for weeks. The only thing I could eat was grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. Even though she didn't eat them she probably isn't interested in either now thanks to me. She was always there making them for me. Finally got over being so sick only to start having contractions. I was a little spastic about that. Had my mom take me to OB triage at 20 weeks because of contractions. I was sent home 3 hours later. Started having blood pressure problems around week 22. The doctors told me if anything made me deliver earlier that it would pre-eclampsia. Boy were they wrong. Several trips to OB triage. One admission for a 24 hour urine protein check. Discharged the next day because it was fine. By the way, it was 3rd one I had done. They were convinced I had pre-eclampsia. Things were going well, other than I was miserable, not able to sleep, had no idea what my feet looked like because it had already been so long since they were last seen. Got up on a Friday morning to go for an appt. Steve and I had breakfast at a restaurant, I didn't even get half of it down before it was coming back up. I went in to OB triage for 30 min. serial blood pressure check and told them what happened, only because the nurse said I didn't look to good. The doctor told me to come back after I saw the MFM for my appt. I saw the MFM and he told me to get my behind back down to triage so they could do some blood work. Poor Steve was exhausted, he fell asleep in the chair in the waiting room. I just left him sleeping when they came to get me. I went back and instead of making a left to go to triage we took a right. I knew this meant a nice, small private room for me. The nurse came in and told me they were admitting me for yet another 24 hour protein test. I failed that one and spent the next 3 weeks in the hospital. I had 2 more bouts of preterm labor(for a total of 3, I had one a week before I landed in the hospital for good). The MFM(maternal fetal medicine) doc assured me that pre-eclampsia would force me to deliver before pre-term labor would. Major depression after 2.5 weeks in the hospital. After the second bout of preterm labor and being moved to the L&D unit for 3 days, I was moved back to the antepartum unit, that was when the depression really hit. I didn't think I could handle anymore. Steve, being the wonderful husband that he is, convinced a doc to let me leave my room in a wheelchair for an hour a day. He came up every day to take me to eat in the cafeteria and then sit outside for a while. It helped a lot. 3 days after being moved back to the antepartum unit I went into labor yet again. It hadn't even been a full week. The doctor told me because of the size of the babies and the fact that I had reached 32 weeks they weren't going to aggressively try to stop the labor. What they did, didn't work. I labored longer with them, before they opted to do a csection because what they were doing wasn't working, than I did with Matthew or Caitlin. I had been scared to death of the spinal but by the time they did, I was just simply relieved. I wish things had gone a little better during the section so that I could have enjoyed hearing the babies cry after they were born. I barely remember it. At least Steve was there to watch everything and see our little babes enter the world. Really, the only thing I really remember is him telling me he couldn't believe there were doctors in my stomach up to their elbows trying to grab babies that they couldn't get a hold of. Of all the things to remember. Oh, I do remember him asking the doctor if they were going to put that back in me(my uterus). He was too funny. Well, this was a long and relatively pointless post. I just can't believe how time flies by so fast. My babies are already almost 6 months old. We are already half way through their first year!! HOLY COW!!

I promise, more pictures are coming soon.