Monday, June 25, 2007

New words

Markas decided yesterday that he was going to say dada. I am not ready to declare that as his first word..........yet. He says it all the time now. He is currently playing in his exersaucer and playing with one of the toys he is saying"dada dada dada dada". We will see if he starts using it appropriately and then we can declare it as his first word. Still waiting for the other two to join in the chant.
Trying to teach Steve how to do sign language is a lot like teaching them, only, I am beginning they will pick it up before he does. :) He does pretty good and he tries really hard to remember to sign to them when he is using words I am trying to teach them. He usually asks me first to make sure he is getting it close.
The jumperoo is still a great source of entertainment for Lucy and Joshua.
They are all trying to eat everything. I made the mistake of setting Markas' bowl on the high chair tray and then turning my back to take care of someone else. He was wearing most of his food. Lucy and Joshua haven't started that and hopefully they won't. It could get very messy around here otherwise.
I am trying very hard to get things ready so that we can leave on Friday. This week is going to be difficult and will be nice when we finally pull out of the driveway.
I will try to post the new pictures I have tonight but no promises.