Thursday, June 21, 2007


Joshua finally rolled over!! I knew he could do it. I think he was just be lazy up until now. The same reason that I think Markas has stopped rolling over. Lucy will still only roll from her back to her tummy. I think she is being lazy as well when it comes to rolling from her tummy to her back.
I put Joshua on the floor gym on his tummy and I looked back at him and he was on his back trying to eat the mirror that is on it.
Lucy sat up for about 20 seconds yesterday, totally unassisted.
Markas was sitting in the high chair and I had the seat reclined. He reached out, grabbed the tray and pulled him self up to a full sitting position.
It is hard to believe that just one short year ago we were dreaming about what they would look like and praying like crazy that I was able to carry them to at least 28 weeks.
In 7 short months they look nothing like they did when they were born. We thought they didn't look like the "typical" preemie. Looking back now, we were WRONG! Though, the preemie look didn't last too terribly long and we would never know by looking at them now that they were preemies.

We have 8 days before we head out for our first vacation with them. It will be interesting, I'm sure. I will post as much as I can while we are gone. I am sure there will be a ton of pictures.
I will post some of the new pictures tonight if I get a chance.