Wednesday, August 22, 2007

9 month well baby check

Well, actually it is more like sick baby check for us. As I wrote about before, the babies have had runny, snotty noses. No big deal. Wrong. Lucy has an ear infection and Joshua has pnuemonia. Oh the joy. At least they haven't really been acting sick.
The boys should be seeing the opthomologist soon. The doctor saw something with one of Markas' eyes that she was concerned about. I think she thought she saw him crossing it. We haven't noticed it but that means diddly squat. She is concerned about how much and how fast Lucy is growing, weight wise anyway. She was following a nice steady growth curve and suddenly in the last 3 months she has jumped up to better than 95th percentile for height and weight. The doctor said if she is still growing that fast when we go back next month to have her ear rechecked then she is going to start blood work and stuff to see if there is reason for it. No, I didn't ask what she was thinking it could be, I don't want to know just yet. Sometimes, it is just better to be dumb. I do know one thing she was thinking was a possible thyroid problem but that is it. I know nothing else and don't want to know just yet. It would make me crazy and I don't have far to go with that.
Joshua was such a good boy when it came time for his x-rays. He sat up straight on the table and sat perfectly still.
Ok, before I go off on a tangent about something else I will list their stats real quick.
Lucy - 23.12lbs and 29 inches
Joshua - 22.7lbs and 28 inches
Markas - 20.3lbs and 28 1/2 inches

Joshua started drinking from his sippy cup today. Markas is starting to crawl. They are all doing so well. Lucy is saying mama now. She doesn't use it appropriately but she is saying it non the less. She and Markas have both been saying dada for a couple of months. Joshua doesn't say much of anything really yet.
The funniest thing happened today while I was feeding them dinner. I was feeding Joshua and Markas did his little happy squeal thing. Lucy looked at him and started giggeling. He looked at her like she had lost her mind. Then he did it again and she started giggleing again. Then they were squealing and grunting and growling at each other and laughing. That is the first time that any of them have interacted like that. It was too funny. Poor Joshua got mad because I had to stop feeding him because I was laughing so hard.


Denise said...

You know... if you quit feeding them they will stop growing up so fast!

Tempting sometimes when I notice how old my "baby" is getting! She starts third grade on Tuesday.

the "Other" Denise Wheeler