Monday, August 13, 2007

Lucy is becoming a big girl!!

We went to dinner last night and just for fun I put my straw in Lucy's mouth. She got this look of total surprise on her face when she managed to suck up some of my tea. So, we now have 12 sippy cups, 4 different ones. I gave her the new one today and she drank over half of it. She is doing such a great job. The boys still won't drink from a sippy but I know they will get it down before too long and if all goes well we can say goodbye to bottles in the next 3 months.
Tomorrow is the big day. They babies have their 9 month check up tomorrow so there will be a post with their current weights and such.

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Yea Lucy!!!!! Good job baby girl!

Thanks for commenting on our blog. We are just waiting now for the birth and then begins the long adventure of jury rigging Christians heart to last long enough for a transplant. I hate waiting.