Monday, August 27, 2007

new stuff

Well, in the course of being awake for 3 hours this morning, Markas decided to start crawling and sitting up on his own. I guess he wants to keep up with his sister and do something she isn't doing. Way to go Markas!!
Lucy has decided that the curtains on the back door are the best play toy ever. I can't keep her away from them.
Joshua is still perfectly happy playing where ever you put him. He doesn't bother rolling or even trying to crawl.
I am a little nervous how things are going to work out. I will be going back to work full time in the next couple of weeks. We are having a hard time finding someone to keep them. We do have someone but she lives in a different town(where we will be moving to) but it is a long drive to have to make multiple times a day a couple of times a week. If we have to I guess we have to. The good thing is, she won't charge us for keeping the kids so it will just be gas money. At least with my schedule it is only 2 days a week that we need someone to keep them. For now I will be going in at noon and getting off at midnight(well, I should be getting off at that time). I will be able to get them up and spend a little time with them in the mornings before I take them to the sitter. Steve will be able to sleep and then go pick them up when he gets up. Caitlin will keep an ear out for them until I get home from work at night. We are supposed to be doing a company wide shift bid the middle of Sept. Since I am one of the very few with 11 years in the company, I will get whatever shift I want. We are going to be going to 3 day work weeks. Hopefully I will be able to find a shift that is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Then I will only need someone to keep them 1 day a week.
I am so afraid I am going to miss their first steps and yada yada yada, by going back to work full time. Oh well, I know that they will be fine and so will I.