Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh we go

Today Lucy got up on her hands and knees. Her face was actually up off the floor. She rocked back and forth and even tried to move forward once. I have a feeling I am going to have a mobile baby soon. I wonder if the boys will feel peer pressure and start crawling soon too. I really just can not believe how much has changed over the last year. The differences and new things that are happening every day really and truly amaze me. I know I keep saying it but it is true. To think how far we have come. A year ago I was scared to death of pre-term labor and today I am scared to death what I am going to do when I have 3 little munchkins crawling in 3 different directions. A year ago I was scared of just having 3 babies and really couldn't begin to imagine what life was going to be like. Today, I am trying to figure out how I am going to get my errands done once school starts and I no longer have my wonderful daughter to tag along and lend a hand by pushing the cart or whatever. Oh well. These things I will figure out when the time comes.