Thursday, September 13, 2007

Diaper change hell!!

In the last few days Markas has decided that diaper changes are the worst thing in the world besides nap time. He and Lucy both have been trying to roll over and crawl away for a while now but suddenly he is screaming this really high pitched ear piercing scream when we try to change him. Not fun. To say the least. For Lucy, it is just a game. I can handle the rolling over and trying to crawl away, except for when they are muddy. That is really no fun.

Markas is also starting to free stand. He has learned that he can let go and stand for a little bit on his own. He has also learned to reach out and grab something before he falls. So, his falls aren't quite as frequent right now. He also can usually find Joshua or Lucy to fall on to break his fall when he does fall. Poor babies.

The official tooth count as of today is:


Sara said...

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Your trio is adorable!!!!