Monday, September 10, 2007

It won't be long now

Before we are eating real food all the time. If only we could make it into our mouths the majority of the time. Yesterday we had grilled ham and cheese for lunch and then for dinner mommy let us have some roast, potatoes and biscuit. Mommy had to follow it up with a jar of baby food just to make sure we weren't still hungry. We actually split 3 jars of baby food because most of our "real" food ended up in the seat and on the floor where the dog scarfed it up before mommy even realized it was on the floor.

One another note, Markas is cruising now. He thinks he is so cute walking around stuff. He even lets go and stands by himself for a few minutes. Lucy is still only pulling herself to her knees. She can't quite figure out how to get her feet under her to stand up. Joshua is just there, where ever you put him but he is happy.


The Dairy Wife said...


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