Thursday, September 20, 2007

PT visit

Well, Joshua saw the PT today. She said he is high tone. Particularly his feet and hips. Before she starts doing any stretching exercises she wants him evaluated by Ortho and Neurology. Hopefully, we can get those done soon so that he can start PT. She said she definetly wants to see him at least twice a week. There are a ton of things that could be causing the high tone so there is no point in even discussing them until we reach that bridge. So, now that we know that he is high tone we have to say goodbye to his beloved jumperoo and excersaucer. He hasn't spent a lot of time in them in the last couple of months anyway. She said they just encourage the high tone so they are bad for him. She said they are great for a baby with low tone or a normal tone baby but not a baby like Joshua.
Funny how the tables turn. Several months ago I was worried about Markas because I thought he was low tone. Now, he is cruising and all that other good stuff. Apparently, the things that Joshua was doing that led us to believe that Markas was low tone was actually Joshua being high tone.
I have been fine with all of this up until right this minute. As I write this and have nothing else to think about the possibilities scare me. I just pray that all is well with my little guy and that we can have him running along side his brother and sister in no time.


The Dairy Wife said...


I'll be saying a few extra little prayers for your little guy. I'm sure they told you that chances are he will be just fine! It's hard to play that waiting game though isn't it? Take care and I'm thinking of you!


MaryBeth said...

It is hard to not worry when there are two others to compare him to, but hopefully with PT he'll be caught up in no time!
Praying for you and yours,