Friday, September 7, 2007

Update on Dr.s visits

Lucy went to the pedi on Tuesday. Her ears are all cleared up and the pedi said she wasn't going to worry to much about her growth right now. She was 25lbs even when we went on Tuesday. She said it appears that she is following the growth curve she is on so she will just see where she is at their 12 month check up.

Joshua went to see her today for a more thorough neurological exam. She said he is strong(We knew that already) but his hips seem to be really stiff. So, she has referred him to PT for an eval by them. She said he does have some gross motor delays but it could still just be a motivational issue for him. It really is up to PT whether or not they think he needs it. Hopefully, that appt. will come soon. If they think he needs it I would prefer to get it started soon. Oh yeah, he was 23lbs even at todays visit.

Lucy finally sat up on her own today. Yea Lucy!!! She is pulling her self up her knees on a regular basis. I have gotten some very cute pictures in the last couple of days but don't have the energy to download them and post them tonight. I will get it done sometime this weekend though. Not to mention, it is 11pm and Markas just pulled himself up on my chair and is whining at me. Maybe I can get him back to bed now.