Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fragile and Blessed

I recieved yet another reminder today just how fragile life is and just how blessed I am. I get reminders every day I am at work but this one hits a little closer to home. I recieved an email today from my good friend D. She sent out an update on her 13 year old son, A. He has Duschene's MD. She was told recently by his doctors that if he continues to deteriorate the way he has been they are only giving him another 6 months-1 year. D. is an increadibly strong woman. I admire her deeply. I love that whole family very much. D. takes care of A. and pretty much alone. He doesn't have home health that comes to see him. She takes him to physical therapy twice a week. She lifts him from his wheelchair to his bed, she bathes him. She does it all. In doing all of this, she still finds time exercise, take care of her 3 year old, H., be a wonderful wife to her hubby, make meals for the family and occassionally entertain our whole family as well. She is just increadible. We talk about the future, about A's future and the families future after A. is gone. She will tear up but I have yet to see her just break down and cry. I really don't know how she does it. I don't know if I could be that strong.
The doctors told her "A. is tired, he just doesn't have the strength anymore". His lungs are now only functioning at about 19%. He begged her to sign a DNR and not ever have him placed on a ventilator. He is ready to go home whenever the good Lord calls him home. He still has a teenagers attitude. He still gets in trouble. He is a great kid though. A true testement to his mothers strength and faith, I think.

Life is so fragile. I have been so blessed. I have my wonderful beautiful children, all of them. I have been so blessed to be her friend and know her son. If you pray, I ask that you pray for A and the whole family. They are as ready as one can be to lose a child, they just want what is best for him. She told me that all prayers are a blessing. She said, "Whether the blessing is for him to stay here with us or go with God. It is still a blessing."


The Dairy Wife said...

Oh Denise .... I'm so sorry they have to go through this. And you too, as their friend.

I prayed for them.