Thursday, October 18, 2007

Joshua's ortho appt.

Joshua saw the orthopedic surgeon today. After looking at him and trying to move his legs he said he couldn't abduct his hips any further that 45 degrees and it caused my poor baby pain just to get to that point. So he did an xray to make sure everything was ok. He said everything looked perfect, it is just a muscle issue. He said to get PT started right away and they will see him every 6 months for the next couple of years and then will probably go to once a year after that. He said the PT should be able to get him caught up in no time at all. After today I don't think he is going to like the PT too much, although, I am sure that she will go slowly and do her best to not hurt him. As of next week he will be going to PT every Tuesday. I will keep updating on his progress.


Helena said...

Contact your local early intervention office. You may be able to get more therapy, and for free.