Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Night

We had a great time last night. We went to our church's annual Fall Family Festival. They have a ton of food. Lots of games that the kids can play and win candy. They have the air jumpy things(sorry can't seem to think of what they are called) and just a good safe time. Steve worked security(as always) so we didn't really spend anytime with him but he hung out with us for a few minutes. Jessie was with me. Caitlin and her boyfriend rode up there with us but of course didn't hang out with us. That wouldn't be cool. He is the best boyfriend that a teenage girl can have(from mom's point of view anyway). He goes to a different school. He lives on the south side now, a good 20 minute drive. The only time they can see each is other is when they are supervised by a parent because neither one of them drive. That is the best part. Another plus is he is a band geek. I mean that in the nicest way and every bit of the word. He introduced himself as her boyfriend to one of the Southside ISD officers when he was asking him if he knows Steve. It just so happens that this particular officer is one of Steve's best friends. The young man was told by OC(that's what we call him) that Steve is like a brother, that makes Caitlin like his neice so he better mind his P's and Q's. Seriously, Jeff is a good kid. He is polite and respectful. When I tell him it is time to leave he says yes maam and makes sure to let me know how long it will be before his ride arrives.
I got some pictures of my pooh(Lucy), tigger(Markas) and eeyore(Joshua). I will post them soon I promise. I also got a really cute picture of Caitlin and her friends with the babies.