Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I had an epiphany

I have had an epiphany! I don't know why it took me so long to realize it. I dreaded going back to work. I have hated every minute that I have spent away from the kids. I still do, however, I am now grateful that I went back to work for multiple reasons. The extra money is nice and it is allowing us to build a beautiful new house to raise these little munchkins in. It has also given me back the adult interaction that I so desperately needed. Before I went back to work I was with the kids 24/7 and really relied on my internet triplet mommy friends. They are wonderful women. Even though most of us have never met they are wonderful friends and I don't think I would have survived the first year without them. So, the great epiphany is....I enjoy the kids more now that I am working and not with them all the time. We fell into a rut when I was home all the time. Now that I am working, I am spending way more time with them(actually with them) playing and doing things that we might not otherwise do. Like go to the park for instance. I still miss them terribly when I am at work but when I am home I enjoy our time way more than I did before. Besides, I really do love my job and I am able to show them off even if only threw pictures. I transported a little boy the other day that screamed most of the way. My partner was in the back with him and his mom. My partner, who is also known as Uncle James around here, was telling mom about the triplets. He pulled out my pictures and was showing her. They started showing the little boy who promptly quieted down because he liked seeing the babies. He eventually went to sleep and all was quiet. I have been able to help a couple of young girls(19-20) that were suffering from post partum depression that had twins. I don't know if I helped them in the long run but in the immediate moment I was able to help them.