Friday, December 7, 2007


Well, not anymore but we were all sick, everyone except Caitlin. How did she escape the tummy bug from hell?
I was at work on Wed. and Steve had training that day. I dropped the kids off with my sis in law before I went to work. They were fine all day. She said Markas refused to eat dinner and Joshua was kind of fussy but that was it. Markas puked about 3 but was fine after wards. Steve came home changed clothes, grabbed Caitlin and went to get the trio so they could all go to church. He called me and told me he wasn't going to church because Markas puked twice on the way. I told him I would do my best to get off on time. Yeah right, like that ever happens. I was in a hospital picking up a patient when he called me and told me he was going to the ER with Markas. He was puking every 20 minutes and wouldn't drink anything at all. I called my supervisor and told him as soon as I was done with my call I was outta there. I was on my way back to the station when Caitlin called and said Joshua had puked all over his bed. I told her I had to get the car with the carseats but would be there as soon as I could. I went to the hospital and decided to pop in to check on Markas. I told Steve what was going on. He told me to stay there with Markas and he would go and get Joshua. Thankfully, Lucy was fine so far. He got home and called me and told me he had called 911. Joshua had had a seizure. I told him because he had taken Markas to a hospital that doesn't have pediatric services they would have to take Joshua to another hospital. He decided it would be stupid for me to be stranded at one hospital with Markas and no way to leave so he just brought Joshua up there with us. He had a fever of 103. Most definetly the source of his seizure. By the time they got us to the back Markas had thrown up at least 20 times. I think it was like 24. Joshua just was laying around, didn't even fight when they did a rectal temp. on him. Markas wasn't much better. 1mg of Zofran and 1tsp of Tylenol and then 1tsp of Motrin later, they were happy little boys. The nurse gave them Otter-Pops and they held them down with no problem. Joshua's fever finally was under 102 so we came home. Lucy ended up with diarrhea. Mom and dad puked most of the day and ran fevers. Poor Jessica called me from work and told me she was puking. Today, we are all better!! Yay!!!

Lucy took 6 steps yesterday. I think she is finally getting a little more confident about walking. She was playing tug a war with the dog and his bone. I don't know how thrilled he was about it but she thought it was hilarious. She giggled away. When he got his bone(it is a rubber squeaky bone) and went to the other side of the room she stood up and started walking after him. It was cute. Her little walk is cute.


Cherie said...

I'm really sorry you had a rough week. I hope things keep getting better. Stay away germs!!!!

MaryBeth said...

Glad that you guys are doing better now... I'm with Cherie, STAY AWAY GERMS!!

Way to go Lucy... watch out mom and dad! Next she'll be scaling the walls...

The Dairy Wife said...

Yay Lucy Girl! You're a walker!

So sorry they are sick ... hope it's getting better. It's just hitting here. Sam started throwing up tonight. We shall what the night brings.

I miss talking to you. It's been so busy, my head is spinning in circles. Too many Christmas orders and too many pictures to edit. Next year, I'm not doing this. I said that last year though ... ha ~