Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daddy decided that little miss Lucy needed a haircut. So, she got one. He did it himself. Yes, don't worry, he is still alive. I need his paycheck. ;)
She still looks adorable. I think we could shave her head and she would still be adorable. I may be a bit biased though. Oh, did I mention he did it while I was at work. Yep, he did.


Christie said...

Ha ha Denise! I would've thought she'd get her first haircut from one of her brothers, not her Daddy. I guess his intentions were good. Did you hide all the scissors? :) Your new house looks amazing, especially that fireplace outside!

MaryBeth said...

Oh Denise... you exercised great strength not to hurt him. Don't sweat it though, it'll grow back! I gave Maggie a hair cut last week and it is just now beginning to look normal again. Love the new house pictures. It is going to be beautiful!

The Dairy Wife said...

I love it! He's alive because you need his paycheck. hee-hee!

Actually she looks like a little doll with it. He really did good.

I personally would have kicked his botty though. lol.

Love the house pics.