Monday, January 7, 2008


Not really but like I said in the previous post I knew there was something else that happened that I was forgetting to write about. We celebrated our 8th anniversary! I swear I didn't really forget that it is just that there has been so much happening.
Anyway, we went to a movie and then dinner. Caitlin watched the babies for us. It was nice but we were both anxious to get back home to the babies. I guess maybe that is why we don't complain about the fact that it had been more than a year since our last date night.

We saw Juno. Excellent movie. I hate going to the movies but I will do it once a year for Steve. He loves movies and I like to watch movies, I just hate going to the movie theater. I hate spending the crazy amount they charge to see the movie. Let's not forget the 250,000 dollars for a soda and the 500,000 dollars for a popcorn. Lord help you if you want nachos or something else. I am typically disappointed in the movie that I have just spent 1,000,000 dollars to see. Not this time. I laughed, I cried(not as much as Steve though), I held my breath and then breathed a sigh of relief. It really is a good movie.

To top off our afternoon, we went to Macaroni's for dinner. The food was outstanding as always. I love the Chicken Fettucini Alfredo. I love the bread. My mom still makes the best Alfredo sauce though.