Friday, February 1, 2008

Black Eye

Well, 2 actually, in less than 2 weeks. Both of them on Joshua. Both of them from the bathtub. Not that he was in the bathtub but rather standing next to it. Last Saturday I was getting ready to bathe everyone. He fell and hit the edge of the tub, right across the bridge of his nose. It took a few days but he ended up with a little shiner. This morning, he was the only one awake. I was getting ready for work and daddy was shaving. He makes sure he shaves the whisikers off so the babies don't end up with whisker burn. Anyway, again, he falls and hits the edge of the tub. He got the other eye this time. It was bruised in a matter of minutes. Poor baby. Someone is going to think we are beating him. I know it goes with the territory but I wonder if his CP makes it worse, his knack for falling I mean.