Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh boy.....

Here we go with the climbing. Lucy and Markas are climbing little fools. They are so proud of themselves when they climb. Today Markas figured out how to get the foot rest up on the love seat. He then proceeded to climb on the foot rest and on up to the love seat. Later, while I was in the kitchen finishing up dinner, Lucy pushed one of their tables over to the love seat, climbed up on the table, up onto the love seat and I found her bouncing on the love seat. Little turkeys! Poor Joshua doesn't have the range of motion in his hips to climb and it is very frustrating for him. I was sitting in the recliner and Joshua pushed the table over in front of the recliner. Markas climbed up and onto my lap, then Lucy did it. Joshua tried like crazy and just couldn't, he gets a huge A for effort though. Today while we were out Lucy got a hold of a bag of pretzels that were in the diaper bag. She reached over, pulled them out and started chowing down on the pretzel sticks. At least she was kind enough to share with her brother. Apparently, Joshua and Lucy really like pretzels. Who knew?

It looks like we have sold the house. We are scheduled to close on the 26th of March. No word yet on when we should close on the new house. We went out today to see it. The cabinets are in, minus doors, drawers, and counter tops. I am so excited and so nervous. I am afraid that the move is going to be really hard on the babies. Hopefully they settle quickly into the new house.