Monday, March 3, 2008

15 month well baby

We had our 15 month check up today. Lucy has an ear infection, both boys have a sinus infection and everyone has hand, foot, and mouth virus. Otherwise, everyone is doing great. The doctor was thrilled with the progress we have made with Joshua and his range of motion in his hips. We have worked hard to get him to where he is. He doesn't have full range of motion and may never have but it is greatly improved from where he was last year.

Lucy- 30lbs and 33inches. 97th percentile for both. She is now saying mama, dada, dog, sis, ball and baby. She started signing yes and thank you. Favorite food: cheese(she is her mother's daughter). Favorite past time: bullying her brothers and taking away what ever they are playing with. She also loves to run from mommy and daddy. She is still the most beautiful little girl around. Just my opinion though.

Joshua- 25lbs and 33inches. 55th percentile for weight and 91st percentile for height. He says mama, dada, dog, duck, ball, hiya and cat. He still isn't signing anything. Favorite food: peas and sweet potatoes. Favorite past time: throwing a ball with mommy or daddy. He is the one of two of the most adorable boys around.

Markas- 24lbs and 33inches. 40th percentile for weight and 91st percentile for height. He says mama, dada, dog, ball and cat. Still no signs from him either. Favorite food: sweet potatoes. Favorite past time: climbing, giving mommy kisses and making silly faces. He is the other most adorable boy around.


The Dairy Wife said...


Wow ... sounds like they are doing great ... sickness and all.

That is wonderful about Joshua. Hope he continues to do so well.

Are you in the new house yet?


The Texas Trio said...

Hi! Just checking in. What a great check-up (minus the sickness)!

New house looks like it is coming along quite nicely.

Good luck!