Tuesday, March 4, 2008


First, before I forget, if you want to see something eerie go check out the blog of my new friend. Just click on The Texas Trio link. Her trio was born about the same time as mine. She has 2 boys and a girl. The eerie thing is the resemblance between our girls. I look at the pictures of her beautiful little girl and it is almost like I am looking at a picture of Lucy. Very weird if you ask me.

Now, as I previously mentioned, everyone is sick. Today was a better day. The boys woke up with fevers but after a dose of Motrin the fevers didn't come back today. They were still whiny and fussy almost all day. Joshua spent most of the night in bed with me. I was scared to death he would wake up and I wouldn't know it and he would fall off the bed. That didn't happen. When he woke up around 430am he rolled over and woke me up. He was burning up. I managed to get some Motrin down him and he went back to bed, in his own bed. Markas woke up multiple times last night crying but went back to sleep after a minute or so. Lucy, as usual, takes everything in stride. She is still eating well. Taking her medicine well, even trying to take her brothers meds for them. I think she likes the taste of bubble gum flavored Cefzil. Today at lunch I was cutting up some grapes for her. Apparently I wasn't doing it fast enough. She turned around in her high chair, pointed at the grapes and started grunting. I took the opportunity to attempt to get her to sign more. No such luck. Joshua didn't even eat lunch. I put them down for their morning nap at 9am. Finally at 1pm I went and woke him up and then he refused to eat. Markas only at a little bit. Clearly the boys still aren't feeling well despite being fever free most of the day. Oh, did I mention we all stayed in our jammies all day long. It was kind of nice since we didn't have anywhere to go and I didn't want to take them out with them being sick. We were lazy bums all day long!


Denise said...

Boy, those kids sure are getting BIG!!!! It is nice to see them doing so good. I hope they are over the bug they had. It is sure going around! It landed me in the hospital a few weeks ago. Hauled in by my own ambulance. ARRRGGGHHHH. Better now though. Keep the pics and videos coming! I can never get enough of cute kids!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope they get better. It's goo that they can still crack a smile. Lucy and Addison sure do look alike!