Tuesday, March 11, 2008


See this incredibly adorable little girl? Isn't she beautiful? Well, we think she is. She is also very smart. So smart, in fact, that at the age of 15 months she knows she has mommy and daddy wrapped around her little finger. Yep, I admit it. I am totally wrapped. No hope. Pretty sad. I can't help it. I did, however, just come to this realization. Today. Daddy usually drops the trio off with my sis on the days that I work. He has been telling me how for the last couple of weeks, Lucy cries every time he leaves. It breaks his heart. I kept telling him, "It's just you. She knows how to get to daddy." HA!! Right. Dumb mommy. Today, daddy had to be in court at 830, so, mommy dropped them off. Cousin Kenneth got Lucy out of the car and brought her in the house. He put her in the high chair. She started crying. Dumb mommy. I am thinking it is just because she just woke up and just needs to be held for a minute or so, then, she will be fine. Dumb mommy. I picked her up. She wrapped those precious little arms around my neck and put her adorable little head on my shoulder. Aw. Melt mommy's heart. Then, she wouldn't let go. Nothing worked not even enticing her with food. Do you know how big she is? She doesn't turn down food. Her arms stayed clenched around my neck and the head stayed firmly on my shoulder. She wasn't letting go for anything. Dumb mommy. I finally pried her off of me and handed her to my sis. I seriously had to go. I was already late for work, well, almost, by my standards. Side note, my standards are, early is on time, on time is late and late is punishable by death. Just in case you were interested. OK, so here come the crocodile size tears. Lunging for mommy. I ran from the house. I hadn't even turned off of my sis' street when my phone rang. It was my sis. She just wanted me to hear Ms. manipulator laughing. Seriously, I had been gone 30 seconds. Apparently, as soon as she sees the car back out of the driveway she is perfectly fine. She knows how to get to us already. I think we are big trouble.


MaryBeth said...

What a sweet, smart little cutie!