Monday, April 21, 2008

Halloween came a little early at our house over the weekend. Joshua was the only one that didn't care if he had on the costume or not, so there are no pictures of him in it. Lucy and Markas looked too cute in it though. There are two pictures, one of Lucy and one of Markas. Those little turkey's managed to climb in the bath seat while I was putting the finishing touches on Caitlin's make-up for prom. I managed to get Markas out with no problem. Then Lucy climbed in. When I tried to get her out, she had managed to get a leg stuck! I don't know how but I do know that it took both daddy and I to get her out. Geesh! These kids are make me have gray hair before they are 5 and that would be totally unfair. My mother is over the age of 60(see mom, I am being nice and not giving away your age) and she has like 3 gray hairs. I promise she doesn't color either.
Thanks for dropping in!


MaryBeth said...

You and your mom have great genes!! I have been almost completely gray since about 19... thanks to my Granny Ruth (and genetics).

The Texas Trio said...

Hey Denise!

Thanks for dropping in. I think we are a couple of months older than you guys ... our birthday is Sept 14th. When is your trio's? They do look the same age!

I can't get over how cute yours are. We are so blessed to have healthy children.

Love the new camera ... what kind is it? And how do you find the time to blog so often? :) And how are you so observant to see that our girls were wearing the same shirts!!! :)