Friday, April 18, 2008

What a predicament

Markas got himself into quite a predicament today. After working 75 hours in 4 days, I was exhausted this morning when they got up at 545am. I let them play until about 615 and then got them up. Clean hineys and breakfast and then I let them just run around the house. I was laying on the living room floor playing with Lucy and Josh when Markas started crying. I couldn't figure out where he was. I thought maybe he had locked himself in the pantry. I was wrong. I noticed that the cabinet door next to the dishwasher was open. I looked and low and behold, there is Markas. Stuck on the top shelf. He was crying because he couldn't figure out how to get back out. I have no clue how he got up there. This was after I spent 10 minutes cleaning poop up off the floor. I had been laying on the couch and Markas walked up to me so I picked him up and he layed on top of me. I noticed he had a bare butt. Apparently after breakfast he pooped and I didn't realize it. He took his diaper off and there was poop all over the floor. Not something I wanted to be doing at 7am.
Oh and after I pulled him off the shelf, Lucy and Joshua were trying to figure out how to get up on it. I wish I could find a way to block my kitchen.


The Texas Trio said...

So cute! Out 3 love to get in the cabinets in their bathroom ... they look just like little Markas. And then they get mad when they hit their heads crawling out!

No poop on the floor yet ... knock on wood! I'm OK to let you experience that one and just tell me all about it! I don't need first-hand knowledge!

Take care,

Quenta Pollard

PhotoChick said...

Aw! You poor thing :o( Gotta tell ya, makes me glad I only have one! Oh, I hope you have a much better - wait, make that a wonderful weekend. Much love and God Bless!

MaryBeth said...

Too funny! It won't take the other two long to figure out how he got up there, I bet.