Monday, May 12, 2008

Broken Hearted

I am so heart broken for my daughter. She found out yesterday that the very first friend she made at her new school died on Saturday. She was riding her horse and was thrown when the horse spooked. Apparently it broke her neck and death was almost instant. How do you help a 16 year old who has never faced death on such a personal level get through it? She missed the bus this morning and when I pulled up in front of the school to drop her off there were just huddles of kids standing together crying. I think I have cried almost as much as she has today. My heart is really breaking for her and I just want to take away her pain. I know I can't. I know that is just a mother's unrealistic dream. I know there will be other times when I am feeling this much pain for her and all the other kids. This is so different than wanting to take away the pain of a broken arm. Arms heal and you never think about that pain again. Emotional wounds heal too, I know. That pain stays with you though. It dulls but it is still there. You might not think about it everyday but it is still there. I want to take all that from her. I picked her up from school this afternoon and all the way home she cried and laughed at her brief memories of her friend. We got home and she put the sound track to Rent in. Her friend loved Rent. I guess this Friday they are going to try to get together at someones house and watch Rent in memory of thier friend.
I can't imagine what this girls mother is going through. She lost her husband 3 years ago and now, the day before Mother's Day, she loses her 16 year old daughter. My heart is broken for her too. I can't even begin to fathom the kind of pain that woman must be in. I don't want to.
Please, say a prayer for all of them.


MaryBeth said...

How awful! I'll say a prayer for the family and for your daughter and her friends. What a tragic loss!

The Texas Trio said...

So sad to hear about the loss of your daughter's friend. We will add your daughter and her friend's family to our prayer list.

Christie said...

How tragic Denise! She is lucky to have you as a Mom to help her deal with her friend's death.


The Dairy Wife said...

Oh Denise, that is so awful, and so sad.

That must so hard for her to deal with. Thank goodness she'll be able to be with the kids instead of alone. They'll be able to help each other deal with it.

Take care,