Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy Month ahead

This next month is going to be a very busy one. We have multiple appointments plus we are going to attempt to take a mini vacation, either to the lake or the beach. Still undecided. Not sure if I am brave enough just yet to try camping. We will probably end up at the beach. We always end up at the beach. Not really a bad thing, I just don't like our beach. Too much tar and way to many jelly fish. I know we won't actually spend a lot of time on the beach because of the trio and the need to avoid too much sun.
So here is our appt. schedule for the next month. It is not yet complete because we are still waiting to find out when they go to see the developmental pediatrician(for some reason that was really difficult to spell today).
5 June at 2pm all 3 have hearing test.
9 June at 150pm Markas has appt. with opthomologist
16 June at 1030am Joshua's turn with opthomologist
19 June at 1pm all 3 with the developmental pediatrician
23 June at 245pm Caitlin with orthodontist(thankfully, this is almost over. Yay!!!)
1 July at 9am Joshua goes back to see neurologist.
In amongst all that we need to find a couple of days to get away.
Did I mention we still have a really large sand box for a yard. Yeah, we do. We still need to do something about that too.

Here are a few pics from the last few days. Some are just being silly at home and a couple from the park. We didn't spend too much time at the park because it has just been way too hot. Thankfully, I have a little girl that has cheeks that are a great thermometer. I watch to see how red they are and when they reach a certain shade of red I know it is time to go and they usually don't protest. I just say drink and they head for the car. They guzzle the water and we are on our way in the a/c.


MaryBeth said...

Busy, busy, busy! Such is the life of a mother of triplets. Cute pictures too!

Kellan said...

Precious pictures!! You have a busy month coming up - the beach sounds wonderful - I hope it is!!

Take care - kellan

Dorinda said...

I like that plane in the park - that is cool. You are so good about taking pictures of everything - we have already been to the park and the library and did I take my camera for either? NO!! Figures.

And that's so great about Caitlin. I don't see my Kaitlyn ever acting in a play which makes me sad - I acted in high school and college. Now I use my amazing talent to entertain my 5 kids. Ha ha...

The Texas Trio said...

You definitely do have a buys month planned! I hope all the appointments go well for you all. Good luck on the vacation part ... we are trying to plan one too. We love to camp but I'm sure I'm NOT ready to brave that yet!