Friday, May 30, 2008

A Day of Hair Cuts

Everyone got their hair cut today. Well, ok, it was just the trio. Mommy plans to go tomorrow. This was the third hair cut for the boys and Lucy's very first. 18 months I have let it grow. She had a head full of hair at birth and never lost it. She has these gorgeous loose curls in the back. I don't know where she got them but she has them and I was terrified of losing them. I just wanted her bangs trimmed up so she could see. They(hubby and the girl at Cool Cuts) finally convinced me to let her trim everything up. Thankfully, she still has her gorgeous little curls. Lucy did so well. She sat in the car, wiggled with the Wiggles, and sucked on a lolly pop while the girl cut her hair. She only protested a little when the girl was done and decided to put her hair up.

The boys didn't do so well. Joshua has never done well and Markas only did well his very first hair cut. They both cried and tried to climb out of the car and up me but we managed to get their hair cut. Daddy decided that they needed summer cuts so that is what they got. I am still not real sure about it. They look adorable no matter what but they definetly don't look like my same two little boys.

Sorry, the before pictures of the boys are blurry. They wouldn't be still!


Kellan said...

They are so precious. I liked the boys smooth hair, but those spiky cuts are too cute on them, aren't they? And you sweet little girl - I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks - she's a little doll!!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

MaryBeth said...

Cute haircuts!!

The Texas Trio said...

The hair cuts are cute! Love the spikey hair for the boys ... they look like such little boys now. We don't have babies anymore ... even though I still think of mine as babies!


Dorinda said...

Oh my goodness!! They are tooo cute. I love the boys cuts - I really do. Though I do agree that they don't look like the same boys. I think boy haircuts are great - it's the girls that are always harder. When to cut? How much? Julianna's getting close and maybe Alyssa but Rachel needs all the hair she can get :)

Kellan said...

Hi Denise - Hope you had a good weekend - on to another week. Have a good one - see you - Kellan