Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Half Birthday!!

Today the little miracles in my life are 18 months old. A whole lot has changed in the last 18 months. I can't believe it. It really seems amazing. They all have their own personalities now. They all have their own likes and dislikes. I thought I would "introduce" each one today.

Lucy was our baby A. She kept things together and kept everyone in for 32 weeks. The day she decided to unblock my cervix was the day they were born. She is still very much in charge. She was the smallest and is now the biggest. She weighs in at about 31 pounds. She stands pretty close to 3 feet tall. She is a bully and a sweetheart. She rules the roost and keeps her brothers in line. She bites. She pushes. She comforts when they are crying and if her comforting techniques don't work, she cries with them. She loves to read. The only catch to reading to her is, she picks the book, she sits in the same spot on your lap and you must read the book at least 4 times in a row before she moves on to something else. Whatever book she picks in the morning will be the same book you read to her all day long.
She has 16 teeth, well, she should have 16 teeth, she did knock one out just before Christmas,so she really has 15. She loves to cuddle. It doesn't matter if it is mommy or daddy, as long as it is one of us.
She likes anything that is high in carbs! Is it any wonder she is as big as she is. She will eat turkey and chicken. She will eat cheese. If it is pasta, no worries! She will eat it.
She loves to talk, sing and dance. We can't understand most of what she says but her brothers can. Words- dog, book, baby, bye, mama, dada, hi ya and bubble.
She makes me laugh constantly and it doesn't take much for her to make daddy cry. Like tonight when Markas was sitting on my lap and she decided she needed to as well. Markas pushed her right off onto the floor. She cried and so did daddy. She was fine. Mad and scared but fine. Daddy thought she was hurt. She and Markas made up by kissing and laughing at one another. Oh yes, I can't forget, she loves to blow raspberries on mommy's tummy. She really is a silly girl.

Joshua was our baby B. He never was very active, at least, not compared to his brother and sister. He was the heavies when born and right in the middle for height. He was also the sickest. He was in the NICU the longest and took the longest to be moved to the step down unit. He was diagnosed with Spastic Diplagia Cerebral Palsy last October. He started physical therapy and did great. His CP is very mild. It really only effects his hips and feet. He has managed however to keep up with his brother and sister. It is more difficult for him to climb but he can do it. He walks and runs a little funny, but, he can do it. He really is a loner, although, he seems to be closest to his sister. He loves his daddy. No, he worships his daddy. If daddy is around he wants no one else. For the longest time daddy was the only one that could get that wonderful, deep, belly laugh out of him. He laughs easier these days but he is still serious. He loves to run. He loves to be chased. He loves balls. He loves to play in the water. He is very cautious. If he falls once, he may try it again but he is much more careful about it. He really is a silly boy. I laugh at him all the time.
Mr. Joshua weighs in at about 25 pounds and getting close to 3 feet tall.
I think he is going to be our vegetarian. He loves fruits and veggies. He is picky about it but that is pretty much all he will eat. I have been able to get him to eat chicken from Chickfila and he really likes tuna. He loves watermelon(see May 9th post), he loves bananas and a few other fruits.
He is a little behind his sister on the tooth count. He only has 12 but I think there maybe one or two more coming in.
His words include bye, mama, dada, dog, ball and bubble.

Markas, last but certainly not least, our baby C. He was very active before he was born. He has always been our long skinny one. He has been trying to be superman since the day he was born. He was the only one that didn't require ventilator support after birth. 12 hours after being born he was moved to the step down NICU. He came home the day after his sister did. She was a champion eater, he wasn't. Nothing has changed there. He is the pickiest eater. He also eats like a bird compared to the other two. He weighs in at about 24 pounds and is neck in neck with his sister for height.
He is a mama's boy. He will only give kisses freely to mama. He loves to cuddle with mama. He is a goof. He likes to make people laugh. If he does something that you laugh at, he will keep doing it. He loves to climb. I frequently find him on top of the kitchen table. He has quite a temper. He will throw a fit at the drop of a hat if he doesn't get his way. He bites, he pushes, he pulls hair. A minute later he will give you a kiss. He loves the dog. He loves the new cat.
What little food he will eat leads me to believe he is going to be my meat and potatoes kind of kid. If it is meat, chicken, turkey or ham. He will eat it. He loves cheese just like mama. Getting him to eat veggies is like pulling teeth. He likes most fruit.
He is a little further behind in the tooth count. I think he has 11 and working hard on that 12th one.
He jabbers away with his brother and sister. He likes to be read to occassionally. His words include bye, baby, ball, bubble, dog, mama, dada and hi.

They all make me laugh. They do silly stuff all the time. They are happy and loving kiddos. It seems like every day there is something new. It has been quite a journey thus far. I can't wait to see what the next couple of years holds for us.


The Dairy Wife said...


Wow ... your words just melted my heart.

Our kids are really little miracles you know. Aren't we just so blessed? I can't hardly stand it sometimes!


Kellan said...

What a pleasure to meet Lucy, Joshua and Markus - they are all soo fascinating and beautiful - you are so lucky to have this trio!!!!!! Happy 18 months to them and to you!

I'm also very sorry to read about your daughter's friend that was killed horseback riding - I will keep the family and yours in my prayers.

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me - so nice to meet you!! I hope to see you again soon - have a good weekend - Kellan

The Texas Trio said...

What a wonderful post! Your children are adorable and it always sound like you guys are having the most fun!

Take care!