Friday, May 23, 2008

Miss Smarty Pants

So my little miss smarty pants has figured out how to take the trays off the high chairs. It doesn't matter if she is sitting in it or not. She also thinks it is funny to take the tray off of her brothers high chairs while they are in them. Not only does she now take the trays off but she climbs into the high chair. She now has her brothers climbing into the high chair. Thankfully, we have high chairs that have a height adjustment on them, so, now they are all practically sitting on the floor. I have lowered the chairs down all the way. Now when they climb in and out, if they fall, they don't have far to fall. This, by the way, is a great game, to them anyway. I am sure they will grow bored with it before long. I told Lucy that if she would just starting eating all of her food out of her bowl she could sit at the big table with everyone else. She doesn't listen to well. She still will only take a couple of bites from her bowl and then everything gets dumped on the tray and she eats off the tray. I do hope that when she goes to kindergarten she is eating off of her plate/bowl and using spoons and forks.


Dorinda said...

That's too funny. We put our girls right up to the table because I was tired of cleaning trays. Now we just have to worry about them tipping themselves backwards...

Love the pool picutres!! And the smaller pool - does look like fun. We're now in Florida at my parents house and they have the big and huge pool which is great for the older two but the girls need so much attention in it that it makes it hard to enjoy. Hopefully they'll adjust soon.

Kellan said...

How cute - all of them!!

Hope you had a good Memorial Weekend - see you soon - Kellan

Kellan said...

It's lake LBJ, by the way. I love Canyon lake, though.
Take care - Kellan