Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More new members of the family

I now have 1 dog, 1 cat and 4-6 birds living on my back porch. Of course I do not count all the little critters that hopefully that darn cat is eating. When we first moved in my best friend and her mom gave me a couple of potted plants to hang on the back porch. Me, having the green thumb that I have, managed to keep them alive for approximately 2 weeks. They are now dead and still sitting on the mantel to the fireplace on the back porch. I don't know why they are still there. I think I kept hoping that I could revive them. YEA RIGHT!!! I noticed this little sparrow kept hanging around one of the plants so........I climbed up on the hearth and took a peek. This is what I found.

These little sparrows built a nest in the middle of one of the plants. They were even OK with me taking a peek. However, when I started taking pictures of them........all hell broke loose! They called all their little sparrow friends and started attacking me! That made the cat mad which in turn upset the dog. The dog and I made a beeline for the house.

When you are done laughing at me I just want you to know that it really wasn't all that funny. I had birds in my hair and pecking at my head! No joke, I really upset these little sparrows. I haven't even attempted to peek at them since then.Hopefully I didn't upset them to the point that moved their little sparrow family.