Friday, May 9, 2008

These three little munchkins are proving that life with a toddler can be very busy. Life with three toddlers, well, that's just non-stop fun! OK, maybe it isn't always fun. For instance, meal times. Breakfast seems to be the only meal that they eat on a consistent basis. Lunch and dinner are hit and miss and I am beginning to hate those two times of day. We have had quite a week. Nothing extraordinary, just one heck of a week. Monday night while daddy was getting ready to bathe everyone, Joshua, in his bare butt, squatted in front of the tub and pooped. Tuesday, daddy thought he was being smart and after they came in from playing in the sand, he bathed them. It was 1pm. He then fed them pancakes with syrup for dinner. Guess who got another bath? Yep, all 3 of them. This time Joshua went into my shower and pooped in the corner. Maybe it is time to buy a potty chair and give it a go.
They are climbing, jumping, crying, fighting, laughing, smiling little angels.

Last Saturday we went with big sister Jessica to a company picnic of sorts. She recently got hired on at USAA. They were doing a spring family thing, so we tagged along with her. It was fun. Well, right up to the point that Lucy had a major meltdown. We ate all kinds of bad food. We had Frito pies(well, just Mommy and Daddy had those), chopped BBQ sandwiches, turkey hot dogs, sausage on a stick, roasted corn and snow cones. The kids did pretty good eating chopped BBQ sandwiches. They loved the snow cones they got for dessert. Oh, and the watermelon. Lucy loved it the most. She grabbed it from us and ate it all the way down to the rind. She was too funny. She also grabbed a hunk of ice from the snow cone and chowed down on that. Silly girl. She really is. The pictures are from our day on the USAA campus. It is a gorgeous facility and we are so happy that sissy got such a great job.
Sorry there are so few of Markas. He was being a real turkey that day and I just couldn't get any decent shots of him.