Thursday, May 15, 2008


I think daddy is wrapped around some little girls finger. Big time! She plays him. Huge! It really is amusing.
Daddy drops the trio off with my sister on the days that I am at work so that he can get some sleep. Remember he works nights. Lucy cries her little eyes out when he goes to leave. He will usually go back a couple of times before he actually leaves. It breaks his heart to hear her cry like that. He is finally starting to catch on that no sooner is he out the door and not even down the steps, the crying stops. The laughing, playing and eating starts. Sucker!!

He is home with the Turkey Lurkey, Chicken Little and Goosey Lucy today. He was putting them down for their morning nap. He put the boys down and went to get Lucy to put her down. She had climbed up on the couch, layed down with her head on a pillow and was PRETENDING to be asleep. Smart girl. Daddy just stood over her. She opened her eyes, just a little, to peek. She saw him standing there and started to giggle and wiggle. She thought she could get away with no nap. Silly girl.