Friday, June 20, 2008

Dr. Visit updates and my niece

Markas saw the opthomolgist on Wed. and he said his eyes look great. No glasses needed and he will see him again in 9-12 months.
Everyone saw the Developmental Pediatrician yesterday. He said they are definitely behind in speech but just a little and that isn't correcting for their prematurity. He said he doesn't even think they would qualify for EI services. He said they are doing everything else pretty much right on target. He said there is no way that he thinks anyone is Autistic, he said they all act way to social. He also said he can feel the high tone in Joshua's hips and feet and was glad to hear that we have another visit with the neurologist soon. So, overall everyone looks great.

Our niece, Katie, who is 21 years old, needs lots of prayers. She collapsed yesterday. Her mother in law was with her when she collapsed and was able to start CPR immediately. The paramedics were able to get her back. She coded again on the way to the hospital and they were able to get her back her a second time. From there the details of what exactly has happened are a little sketchy. I do know that she has had open heart surgery. They left her chest open due to swelling and flew her to the University of Michigan. As of this morning she was weaker and her kidney's were failing. The one thing that is clear is that this all due to a uterine infection that she didn't know she had. She gave birth to a little boy 8 months ago. Apparently some of the placenta got left behind. For whatever reason this wasn't caught. The infection attacked her heart.
She is recently married and has 2 little boys. She is a very special young lady to us. She just kind of clicked with us. I feel very blessed that a few years ago she was able to spend the summer with us. She had never seen the ocean and we were able to spend a week at the beach with her. We took her to the River Walk, Sea World and the Aquarium. We just had a great time while she was here.
Please, lots of prayers sent her way.

Edited*** My sister in law called and said the doctors told them that she is doing better. She is better than she has been since she arrived at U Of M. They think there is a good chance that she will be able to pull through but of course things are still touch and go. It is so wonderful to be able to so tangibly feel the power of prayer. Thank you to all who have been praying for her and please continue to do so.


Dorinda said...

Glad your kiddos are okay and we will be praying for Katie. Please keep us updated!

Kellan said...

I'm so glad to hear she is better and I will keep her in my prayers.

Take care - Kellan

Anonymous said...

I heard about Katie in an email. I do not know you all, but she is in my prayers. I thank the Lord for her improvement.