Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun at the park

Yesterday, after church, we went to the park. The munchkins love the park. They wear themselves out. In the process they wear us out. It is way too hot already to spend too much time at the park though. 45 minutes is about our max. I know, I probably go a little overboard with the pictures but I really can't help it. It is so much easier to take pictures of the kids now than it was when the older ones were little. I don't have to pay for photo processing and if it picture comes out crappy then all I have to do is delete it.


MaryBeth said...

First, I love the new haircuts... they look so nice and cool!! Second, we were going to have chicken pot pie for dinner here tonight, but now I think we're having chicken fettucini alfredo. It looked yummy. Hope my girls like it as much as your kiddos did!

The Texas Trio said...

Love the pigtail! It is getting hot here too. I'm impressed you braved 45mins at the park! We have given up unless we can go early or late in the day. However, I think we are going to try the pool this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Annie said...

oh my, they have gotten soooooo big!!!!!

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