Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Long time, No post

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Life with three toddlers is just crazy busy and at the end of the day I am exhausted and I have rediscovered the joy of reading for pleasure. It is so nice to curl up into bed with a good book. (Thanks Mom for the good books!)

So, on to the updates about the trio. They had their hearing exam last week. The Audiologist said they hear just fine and just as I suspected they have selective hearing already. Hmmmm. Wonder where they get that from? Their dad maybe? Nah. Never.

Joshua saw the Opthomologist on Monday. He said no glasses for Joshua right now and everything else looks pretty good. Apparently all of them had ROP, stage 1 and I was just never told about it. He said he would see him in 9-12 months.

I have come to the conclusion that my kiddos are able to talk and just refuse to. Yesterday, Lucy said Ocky(our dog's name is Rocky), she said nack for snack and side for outside. She only said each one once and refused to say them again. Joshua and Markas have also said words once and not said them since. Therefore, I have decided that they are able and just not willing.

Lucy has suddenly decided she needs to be in nothing but a diaper. Maybe it is because of the blessed heat and humidity but she is now striping. I found her multiple times in just a diaper. I finally gave up. No sense in fighting a losing battle.

They seem to be having more moments of niceness (is that even a word?) toward one another. They still fight like crazy but I am seeing more love between them. It is very cool!

Lucy was done with her lunch so she took her tray off, placed it on the floor and went over to Joshua's high chair. She picked up a piece of his hot dog. He started grunting like he was trying to say "Hey she is stealing my food!" She looked at the piece of hot dog and then at him, she then put it in his mouth. He smiled and she giggled. He then picked up a piece of hot dog and put it in her mouth. She fed him a few more times. It was hilarious.

I was rounding up sippy cups yesterday. I was on my hands and knees in their room trying to find their water cups. I had thrown the boys cups in the rocking chair. Lucy was watching me. I finally asked her where her cup was. I heard a noise, turned around, and she had thrown her cup in the chair with the others. She definetly understands just about every word we say to her.


Kellan said...

What cute pictures - cute little helpers. Glad their check-ups went so well. They will talk soon enough - believe me!

Have a good evening - Kellan

MaryBeth said...

Aren't the sweet moments so amazing?!? It is more fun by the day around here too.

Anonymous said...

Too sweet. i love those kind of moments!
Thanks for all of the nice comments that you left on my blog.
And for your other post, I TOTALLY understand the need for Mom needing the time out!!!

The Texas Trio said...

Hey! I was worried about my trio talking too ... and then almost overnight they started ... right around the age yours are now.

It is amazing what words they already know/understand but are just not saying. The other day I asked Al if he wanted to take the kids for a walk after breakfast ... William jumped up and ran to the basement door and started saying "walk, walk, walk" over and over!

Love the sweet pictures!