Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Time Out!

I have three precious little angels that are transitioning to one nap a day. It isn't going so well. They are still so tired in the mornings. They used to take their first nap about 9am. That isn't happening any longer. In stead somewhere around 930 or 10 they are getting super crabby. The fighting gets worse. I have spent the last hour seperating and putting someone in time out about every 10 minutes. Cuddling with the victim of the hair pulling/biting/hitting.
They are currently in their cribs screaming their heads off.



Mommy needs a time out!!

I do hope this transition goes quickly and they get used to one nap a day. I would be willing to stay at two naps but they aren't. I am excited about that because that means I can finally get things done in the mornings, while it is still relatively cool. It is already hitting 100 degrees in the afternoon so I would much rather be at home at that time.


MaryBeth said...

The transition was pretty awful for us too, but just hang in there. It will happen eventually!!

Misty said...

Good luck. Mine never really took 2 naps. I have been only one nap since long before their first birthday-their choice, not mine!

Kellan said...

Hi Denise - hope it's going well with the naps - it is always difficult to get new patterns down and adjusted to, but once done - a blessing.

Take care - Kellan