Friday, June 27, 2008

Trip to the beach

We had a great time at the beach. We stayed in Port A. Sorry, that is Port Aransas. We rented a condo. It had a nice view and nice boardwalk to the beach. It also had a great pool and hot tub. The condo wasn't totally conducive to 3 toddlers but it was nice and worked out. I think we will definitely be going back. We took the trio to the Texas State Aquarium. Luckily 3 and under is free because really it was a wasted trip. They really weren't into seeing all the fishies and stuff but the rest of us had a good time. Sleeping was interesting. They really didn't like sleeping in a strange place. The poor babies were still so tired today that they went down for a nap at 1130 and slept until 3. They even went to bed without complaint at 730 tonight.

They loved the water. We got down there about 3 on Tuesday. Check in wasn't until 4 but they let us check in early. We unloaded the trailer and put bathing suits on everyone and went to the beach. Joshua ran straight into the water. When a wave knocked him down, he laughed about it. Lucy and Markas weren't quite as brave but they played at the edge of the water. On our way back we rinsed off and went to the pool. Joshua was trying to jump in. Lucy and Markas were content to sit on the top step of the pool and splash. Markas did end up doing a head dive into the pool but I was right there and pulled him up. They all enjoyed being carried around in the water and Joshua kept dunking his own head. I swear, if that child ends up with aspiration pneumonia I won't be surprised.

Lucy and I walked out into the ocean to where I was about waist deep in water. We let the waves splash over us. She was looking out when one came in that was a little higher than the rest. Her mouth was open and she got a mouth full of salt water. By the spitting that occurred on her part I don't think she liked the taste. I have never seen that child spit but she was trying hard to get the salt water out of her mouth. It was all I could do to keep standing because I was laughing so hard.

They all had fun playing in the sand. They loved their sand toys. They didn't even need sand to have fun playing with them. Caitlin and I went into Port A on Tuesday evening to do some grocery shopping and we stopped at one of the many tourist places. I bought everyone new tank tops and I bought them their beach toys there. They were so excited about them when we returned.

I did a really good job of keeping them covered. You can't tell that they have spent any time in the sun. I am very proud of myself for that. I wish I could say I did as well with my self. My back and shoulders resemble a lobster. Luckily only my shoulders hurt a little and my back just itches like crazy so I know that soon I will resemble a shedding snake. Gone are my Copper Tone baby days. When I was a kid and a teenager I could literally lather myself in baby oil and just turn this gorgeous shade of brown. Not anymore. Oh well. And. Just for the record. I did put on sunscreen.

So, all of that being said, while I miss our pool, tremendously. I am glad that we no longer have to worry about it. I am utterly convinced that my kids love the water so much that no matter what precautions we took, they would find a way to get to it. And. That scares the bejeezes out of me.

I will be posting some of my favorites over the next couple of days. They are not included in the many that are on here now.

Joshua was so excited about the sand toys that he had to sleep with one of the shovels

Joshua was moving in to hug Lucy

As soon as daddy would start to build a castle, they would knock it down. It was very entertaining to watch.

Lucy was tired and cranky so she and I went back to the condo alone. I gave her a fresh drink and a snack. She climbed up in the chair with her blanky and watched something on toon disney. When she was done vegging and eating her snack she was happy and ready to go again.

Caitlin made this in the sand

Playing on the balcony

We were getting ready to check out and daddy brought up the cart. That provided lots of entertainment to three wee ones. They climbed on board and wanted to be pushed around.

Daddy, Caitlin and the trio

Mommy, Caitlin and the trio

What you can't see is he was adamantly shaking his head NO! He saw that stupid little crab crawl out and start walking across daddy's hand and he wanted no part of it.

Joshua and Daddy checking out the hermit crabs

Hmm. That's cool but I ain't touching it!

You want me to touch what!?!?

Lucy and Daddy saying hi to the fish

Markas and Daddy saying hi to the fish


"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." I actually was singing that. There were little kids laughing at me.


Caitlin and Markas

Caitlin and Markas

Markas playing on the playground at the Aquarium

Lucy playing


The USS Lexington