Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Follow Up With Neuro

We saw the neurologist this morning. He said even without doing an MRI or CT scan he is certain that Joshua has periventricular luekomalacia. He said he is definitely high tone in the lower extremities. He also said that he is at the very far end of the mild spectrum. He has seen how he has already learned to adapt and overcome. He said he wanted to see him run. I sent daddy to the other end of the hall and of course, Joshua ran to him. He said he can really see it when he runs but he runs really fast. Instead of his legs going front to back he swings them to the side. It is actually kind of a cute run, if you ask me. The neuro said that he isn't willing to officially label him with spastic diplagia cerebral palsy because they have seen kids with that diagnosis, that was mild like Joshua's, that by the age of 7 had outgrown their symptoms and diagnosis. He said more than likely Joshua will continue to adapt and overcome and we may not ever see any of his symptoms except when he is running, playing sports, etc. I talked to him about Joshua's toe walking. He said he isn't concerned about it because he doesn't do it all the time and is able to go flat footed but told me to keep an eye on it. He said if it gets worse and to the point that he can't go flat footed to send him an email and he will get him into the spacicitiy clinic for botox injections. He said he doesn't see it getting to that point though. He also told me to keep an eye on his back. His lower back arches inward and makes his tummy stick out. He said that is pretty normal for a kid his age, especially boys but it could also be because the weaker muscles are being too dominated by the larger muscle groups.
All in all it was a good visit. The only that he really said that kind of depressed daddy was he might not be able to play sports. I tried to reassure daddy that if he wants to play sports he will find a way to do so but he might not even like sports. He might be our book worm instead but he has watched Lucy and Markas and made up his own little mind that he wants to do what they do and he has always found a way thus far.


Kelly said...

Denise, I saw your email to the triplet/quad group. Joshua is such a smart little guy to figure out how to adapt and overcome already at such a young age. You know those are some great skills for everyone to have, no matter their age. Still, I'm praying he outgrows the diagnosis completely.

I worry about my toe walker because she never goes flat footed on one foot, ever. The pedi flexed her foot at their 18 month appt and said it was fine, but it might be time to re-evaluate.

Kellan said...

All in all, it sounds like a goof neuro visit - I'm glad. Your boy sounds adorable and I hope and pray the best for him - always.

Take care - Kellan

Misty said...

I completely know what you are going thru. They have decided to label JuJu with hemiplegia cerebral palsy. They also talked about splinting & Botox. But mostly like you, it is a wait & see. I'll keep you in my prayers. I know how hard it is to hear the "medical-speak" even when you know the kiddo is really doing great!

Dorinda said...

I'll be praying for him! Hopefully nothing is wrong in the long run. But even so he is adorable and seems to be doing great.

The Dairy Wife said...

Oh Denise ... that is the most wonderful of news. Looking on the big spectrum of things and I know you know exactly what I'm talking about in the medical field ... you just can't really have asked for any better news.

I'm so happy for you all ... and especially your little guy! Woo Hoo!