Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I just went in to check on the babies before going to bed. I found Goosey Lucy sleeping with a book clutched in one hand and her blankie in the other. Daddy told me that about a half hour after he put them down, he realized he forgot to turn on the humidifer. So, thinking they were asleep, he snuck back in their room to turn it on. He found Markas playing with his hat. He found Joshua cuddling with his blankie and Lucy was sitting in the far corner of her crib "reading" her book. I guess it is a really good book and she just couldn't put it down. I wish I could get a picture of it but I am really afraid the flash would wake one or all three. I need to sleep. I have to work again tomorrow, well, today actually.


Kellan said...

What a cute vision I had of those three in their cribs - how sweet.

You renamed your site! I like it - cute!

Have a good day - Kellan