Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rainbow Playset

So, recently we spent more money than I wanted to on a Rainbow playset. I ordered catalogs from all kinds of places. We compared and finally decided on one from Rainbow. Mainly because the cost was comparable to all the others and THEY installed it. If you know my husband, you know he is NOT mechanically inclined. Not even a little bit. How he grew up with a carpenter for a father is beyond me. I mean, when we moved into our old house and he was installing ceiling fans, it took twice as long as it should have. Plus, I had to make sure the kids weren't around because of all the swear words that always accompany any project he has undertaken. It would have taken him 2 weeks to build a swing set, even with instructions. It was just much easier to buy a swing set and have someone else build it. It only took them 4 hours to get it up. I took the 4 kids to get the remainder of their shots that I had been delaying. Caitlin and I stopped and ate lunch while the babies napped in their car seats. Then we went to the grocery store and then home. They were almost done but not quite. Daddy took the trio out on the back porch to see what was going in our yard. They stood there mesmerized. Like they knew this was just for them. It was rather difficult to get them back in the house to eat lunch. As soon as they were done I hear trays crashing to the ground and they were at the back door trying to open it. I unlocked the door and out they went. They guys installing it told us they could go on the slide. Luckily, it wasn't long before they were allowed in the swings. We put Lucy and Markas in the swings. Joshua was playing on the slide. We finally managed to get Lucy and Markas out of the swings. We put Joshua in the swing that Lucy had been in. Markas was playing on the slide. Lucy immediately walked to the swing that Markas had been in. She stood there patiently waiting for someone to put her in it. One of the guys that had been building it picked her up and put her in and started pushing her. She got all kinds of excited. That girl loves to swing. Unfortunately, a few minutes later, the temperature started dropping and the dark clouds got even darker and the wind picked up. I decided it was time to go inside. Caitlin carried Markas in, I got Joshua out of the swing and started shooing him up to the porch. We went to take Lucy out and she burried her head against the swing and started shaking her head back and forth. Somehow, Caitlin managed to get her out. We went in and I found Markas laying next to the back door throwing a fit. Of course, all three of them were throwing a fit.
So, even though we ended up spending more money than I wanted, I am glad we did. Oh did I mention that Steve went while I was at work to buy it. We had decided on one but after he got there he decided on another one that was quite a bit more. Oh well, it will last through these kids and the grandkids that we will have someday from the older kids. I don't know if it will last until the trio starts having kids though.
Oh, and did I mention, we weren't inside 2 minutes when the sky opened up and it poured.


Dorinda said...

You'll never regret it - it will last for years!! The hard part is getting them out of the swings. The tantrums they throw to get on the perfect swing (the kind you got is their favorite). And it's never empty. We have one like you and a few other baby ones but we have to keep up the older kids ones or they get upset. I think all you ever actually need are lots of swings :) Though the girls are actually going down the slides these days. Yea!

The Dairy Wife said...

Denise ... look at that grin in the next to last picture. That pictures says that every penny was worth it and they'll love it.