Monday, July 21, 2008

Raisin Bran

A while back I wrote about Turkey Lurkey getting into the Raisin Bran. See this link for the whole story.....Goosey Lucy, Turkey Lurkey & Chicken Little: Triplet Misadventures Well, these are the pictures that I took and never managed to get posted until now. It was quite the mess to clean up. Thank heavens I still have my vacuum cleaner.


The Stephens said...

OMG, good times to come at our house!

Kellan said...

Oh my! Aren't they fun?!?

Have a good day, Denise - Kellan

MaryBeth said...

Don't you sometimes wonder what we did with all our time before we had zillions of children to clean up after, feed, and organize their stuff so as not to be run completely out of house and home?!?

I wouldn't trade it though!