Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Triplet Misadventures

They were on a roll yesterday. I really don't know what got into them other than they are rapidly approaching 2. Lucy and Markas wouldn't take a nap yesterday afternoon. Joshua took a short one. I swear. They are conspiring against me and planning their attacks. I really believe it.
Lucy knocked a bunch of papers off the kitchen table. I cleaned it up. She and Markas "helped". I gave them things to throw away. They like doing that. When I finished I couldn't find Joshua. I finally found him sitting on the love seat. In a pile of Raisin Bran. Empty bag in his hands. Apparently, while I was in the bathroom, someone went into the pantry and got the Raisin Bran. All of our cereal and breakfast foods are on the bottom shelf. Apparently, while I was cleaning up the mess that Lucy had made, Joshua snuck past me with the Raisin Bran. He climbed his happy little behind up on the love seat and then dumped the Raisin Bran all over my love seat. When I found him, he was shoving Raisin Bran into is mouth and looked at me like "What? What I do?" I put everyone in their cribs and commenced to cleaning. With a vacuum cleaner full of Raisin Bran, I went to throw away the bag that, at one time, contained Raisin Bran. I found the empty box, that, at one time, contained the bag of Raisin Bran, in the trash.

Yesterday evening, everyone was ready for bed. They had their cups. Lucy took a drink and threw her cup on the floor. Markas took a drink and threw his cup on the floor. This is what they do when they are done with their cups for the moment. They throw them on the floor and run off. Joshua drank some of his. He walked past the end table, stopped, looked at it and, then set his cup on the end table.
Mommy- "Joshua thank you so much for putting your cup on the table instead of throwing it on the floor. You are such a good boy."
Joshua- walks back to the end table. Looks at me with a totally serious face. Looks back to his cup. Looks at me again. Picks up his cup.


You guessed it! He threw his cup on the floor and sauntered off. That little turkey!! He totally knew what he was doing.


The Dairy Wife said...

Just wait Denise! You'll wish that a cup is all he throws.

Three year olds was much more a challenge than when they were two ... but we're headed to four in a few months. whew!