Friday, July 11, 2008

Trouble makers

I think I can now confirm who my trouble makers are going to be. Well, actually, who my trouble makers are.
My nephew spent the night last night. He worked hard along side Steve and Caitlin putting out mulch around previously mentioned swingset. Ok, really, all of that info is irrelevant. On with the story. Caitlin, Kenneth and I went to the grocery store. We left daddy alone with his little charges. This isn't new. He has done this before. When we left, they were once again outside playing. I talked to daddy when we were on our way home, he said he had gone ahead and fed the little munchkins. I didn't make dinner tonight because the meat I pulled out for dinner was bad, as I discovered after it thawed. Ok, so, all is well. We pull into the drive way and I instructed Caitlin to grab the ice cream and get it in the freezer. Did I mention we live 22 miles from the closest grocery store? Well, that isn't entirely true but the mom and pop grocery store that is close by is WAY to expensive. Ok, I digress. Caitlin grabs the ice cream and brings it in. She tells me she is going to the bathroom and will be back to help us in a minute. Kenneth and I come in with bags and I start putting things away. I then hear "MOM!! Get in here now!! Please!!" I went running. I thought someone was hurt. Daddy was sitting in the living room on the phone. Joshua was playing on his tractor and looking completely innocent. I should have known something was wrong. He had that, "I didn't do anything" look on his face. I find Caitlin in the extra bedroom. Lucy and Markas sitting on the floor. Red paint all over my wooden floor, all over the closet door. Lucy's hair was red and Markas had a red face and tummy. Thank God, it was still wet paint. I yelled at daddy. He drug a kicking and screaming Markas and Lucy to the shower. Caitlin and I managed to get all the paint off of everything. Poor Kenneth brought in all the groceries by himself and Joshua kept playing on his tractor. Now with a "I told you I didn't do anything" look on his face. Sorry, no kodak moment pictures. I didn't have time to grab my camera.


Kellan said...

Those dads - what are we going to do with them?????

Have a great weekend - Kellan

Dorinda said...

No picture?! I can't believe it :) What these kids can get into when we're not looking. I turn around and one of them is just gone. I'm sure your husband was doing a great job - most of the time!! I'm glad you got it all up, if not, you could have painted the entire room red, who would have know the difference?!!

MaryBeth said...

Holy cow... they move fast don't they!?! Glad you got the red paint off of everything! I love the playset that they got... it looks like great fun.

Misty said...

No pics???? Glad you got everything up. So what happened to the ice cream, or should I ask??

Kellan said...

Hey Denise - Hope you had a good weekend. It's awful hot! Take care - Kellan