Monday, August 11, 2008

An Awesome Daddy

This is my stud. Also known as my hubby, my best friend, my biggest pain in the behind and my dork. He is an awesome husband and an awesome father. He never gets the credit he deserves.

We met 10 years ago. We were both on duty at the time. We had a very strange courtship, if you can call it that. The night we met, he just happened to be in an Exxon in an area that he normally wasn't in. He had been covering another officer on a family disturbance call and when they were done they stopped for a cup of coffee. My partner and I were in getting coffee as well. I found out later that the big dork thought I was a security guard. Apparently he missed the stethoscope hanging around my neck and the department of health patch on my shoulder. He soon realized when I got into the ambulance that I wasn't a security guard. He gave my partner and I his cell phone number and told us to call if we ever needed any help. At the time I was working 7 days a week, being a single mother I desperately needed the money. We ran into him a lot in the next couple of months. At the time our company didn't have substations, we all activated out of one office and posted at various different places around the county. I thought it odd that we frequently got posted in his area. I found out much later that he was calling our dispatch and asking the dispatcher if it was possible to send us to his area. We spent lots of time talking. We only had one real date. We had lunch together at Chester's Hamburgers. I don't know if Chester's is everywhere or not. If not and you are ever in San Antonio, I highly recommend Chester's. They have the best hamburgers.
We got engaged February 14th of 1999. We got married Jan. 4th of 2000. Nothing fancy. We got married at the court house. It was after all a second wedding for both of us. We spent a couple of days in the TX hill country for our honeymoon.
We talked about having a baby together. We knew it wasn't going to happen without help. I wanted it a whole lot more than he did. We finally decided in Dec. of 2005 to talk to a fertility specialist. In April of 06 we found out we were pregnant. In May of 06 we found out we were having triplets. We both just laughed. I think we were both so scared we didn't know what else to do. In June I quit working and went out on disability. We had to fight to get them to pay so things were really stressful for a while. In the end it all worked out.
The next several weeks I was really sick. He and the kids took care of me. They all worked hard to get the nursery ready when we finally felt comfortable enough to move forward with it. He would work his night shift, take me to my doctor's appointments and then finally collapse into in bed. He only missed one appointment and I almost didn't get to come home from that one because of my blood pressure. He never missed another appointment, even when I had to go twice a week for blood pressure checks. If there was something that he wanted me to do, he would secure a wheelchair and push me around, so that I wasn't walking.
When I was finally admitted to the hospital for the final time, he was my only visitor. He came to see me every single day. He would either come after he got off work or he would cut his sleeping short and come up at night, before work. The hospital was great and even though the night visits were after visiting hours they never said a word. He would call me in between visits. He brought me stuff from home so that I would be more comfortable. He would bring me food so I didn't have to eat just the hospital food. The first time I went into labor after being admitted(this was the second time though) he was there by my side. I spent 3 days on L&D before being moved back to the antepartum unit. He never left my side. The last time I went into labor, when the trio was born, I called him at work. He was there with me in about an hour and a half. He left only to pick Matthew and Caitlin up that evening so they could meet their new little brothers and sister and so they could come see me. After the visit(which I don't recall) he came back. He made sure all paperwork was in order, you know, birth certificates and such. When I was having such a hard time getting out of bed, he encouraged me. When I finally got up I told him I wanted to walk the hall. He wasn't so sure it was a good idea but he held on to me and helped me walk the entire hall. Every single time I had to go to the bathroom, he helped me get up and helped me get back in bed. He helped me learn how to pump so the trio could have breast milk. A little weird I guess but hey, that is just what kind of guy he is. He made me a splint to hold over my stomach when I coughed, sneezed, had to get up, etc.
When I came home from the hospital and lost it in the middle of the night, he took me back to the hospital to see the trio. He spent their first month home from the hospital with me. We did it together, everything, always together.
He plays with them, he feeds them, he changes diapers without complaint. He almost always is the one to bathe them.
They love their daddy so much and he adores them.
They want whatever daddy is eating and he always happily shares. He rushes home from work to see them and so he can hear them scream da-ey when he gets out of the car.
He loves to play with them and they love to play with him. They love to watch him and try to do what he is doing.
We get a little short with each other a little too often. We don't get the time alone together that we should. We don't get individual alone time like we should. We both have a problem. Neither one of us wants to be away from the kids. He feels guilty when he calls at night after he has gone to work and finds out that I am up with one, or two, or all three of them. I feel guilty that he doesn't get the sleep he really needs when I am at work.
One thing that has changed, besides the obvious expansion to our family, is our love for one another. I don't think it is possible to love him anymore than I do.
I hope he always knows how much I appreciate everything he does for me and for our kids, all of them. He is truly a wonderful blessing and I couldn't be a luckier woman!


MaryBeth said...

Very, very sweet!!

Angie said...

What a great story. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband!

Dorinda said...

Sounds like you also have a wonderful husband :) Isn't it great?! I love that my husband is with me every step of the way. You just can't get any better then that.

Misty said...

What a wonderful hubby. I got one of those too. Isn't it great?! Mine turned 50 this year too!

Annie said...

Wow, beautifully written!!!!

Kelli said...

what you wrote about your husband is so heartfelt and beautiful. What a wonderful hubby and daddy! you both are blessed to have eachother!

- kelli